The Poe Orbs To Just Choose From A List

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The Poe Orbs To Just Choose From A List

Messaggiodi poes » 23/03/2018, 7:09

That is because the replacing happens intelligently and it will never replace a beast with one of lower rarity (rare, magic, normal). Quickly craft some powerfull items to make space before you go to the zones where you want to catch the beasts missing from your bestiary.
In the game, we will try to improve ourselves, but the monsters in the game will kill us. We have to poe orbs buy for the resurrection. With the game currency we will have the opportunity to come again.

Ah, so this is why even though I captured a beast several times it wasn't updating the Bestiary. I thought I had kept targeting the wrong one. It should definitely update the Bestiary but if it's the Albino Rhoa it should still get added to the menagerie even if it's lower level because it's so rare (and also needed for crafting white sockets). They should just remove limits on number of beasts. It's just a number in a database.

I realized that the menagerie would get over crowded if there are no limits. They could show a small subsection of the creatures you captured at a single time. Even when you visit a real zoo, sometimes you can't see certain animals because they'll be hiding in a resting spot. Just show a small subsection of creatures at random and change it up on every visit.

problem with that is the way they implemented the bestiary orb atm needs to mouseover target the beast you want to trade. If they had implemented the poe orbs to just choose from a List (wich sound simpler for my no programming experience mind) your suggestion sounds pretty cool.

Honestly I'm actually glad this is a mechanic because I've captured so many dead trash mobs laying on top of the one that I want. I was just praying none of my red/yellow beasts were getting replaced by these new ones that I accidentally captured. Silly that the game doesn't count a capture if your menagerie is full though.
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