The percentage of active PSIIRC was deduced from the relativ

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The percentage of active PSIIRC was deduced from the relativ

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Contribution of the fast component to the overall decay of the intact cell fluorescence as previously CPI-613 Dehydrogenase inhibitor described. resolution were downloaded from the PDB and hydrogen atoms were added using REDUCE. Relevant parts of helices D and E from D1 and D2 were extracted and capped with hydrogen atoms at the Nand C-termini; only this four-helix bundle was considered in the following calculations since D1-C212 does not interact with other parts of the protein. These 12 optimizations resulted in a global CUDC-907 HDAC inhibitor minimum and several local minima. A similar procedure was applied for D1-C212S by adjusting the bond lengths and angles of its Oc. For an accurate calculation of the H-bond geometries and energies, while considering the four surrounding helices, a quantum mechanics/ molecular mechanics hybrid method was utilized. The hybrid B3LYP functional was used as an intermediate-level means of including electron correlation, since it has been shown to produce accurate geometries compared with protein structures and realistic H-bond energies in ligand protein systems. The MM layer, consisting of all other atoms, was modeled by the Amber force field, and its partial charges were able to polarize the QM wavefunction.
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